Do I need a sleep coach for my children?

Do I need a sleep coach for my children?

Did you know that 25% or the children below the age of 5 don’t get adequate sleep?*

Did you know that when unaddressed, a sleep issue might not solve by itself?

Parents sometimes ask me “but how do I know I need to sleep coach my children?”

My answer is pretty simple: there is a “need” when you “feel” like it, when sleep becomes an issue for you or for your child.

Sleeping through the night might be personal, and the way each family apprehends sleep also is.

For example, some parents don’t mind waking up once or twice (or more…) during the night, or like staying with their children until they fall asleep, I’m no one to define what your family dynamic should be. The opposite.

As a Gentle Sleep Coach, I will set your family balance and expectations as priorities to define a personalized sleep plan.

What can be a sleep “issue”?

A sleep issue can impact a family in many ways but the most common examples is sleep deprivation (and how long can you stay like that?), anxiety (you well-being is then affected), or you might not feel comfortable because there’s a difference between your expectations in terms of sleep and your real life.

Sleep problems also impact your children: your child looks tired, can’t fall asleep without you, or a certain ritual, your child wakes up cranky or starts crying when you enter the bedroom?

It might becomes a problem when you’re no longer satisfied by the way things are going on. Would you like your children to fall asleep independently and happily? Would you like to reduce the night feedings? Does your child wake up too early? Does your child always end up sleeping in your bed and end up kicking you in the face while (him) asleep?

Then a sleep coaching can help you.

What does a sleep coach bring?
Personalized approach: when books, external advice or internet are not enough, a thorough analysis of your situation, your habits and your expectations is done to bring you a personalised approach
Non-judging, educating and supportive consultant, following you all along the way
How does a sleep coaching work? Is that a cookie cutter solution? No, I adapt to your situation and your needs, always.

After analysing your situation, your habits and your sleep situation with the elements you provided me with, I will come to our consultation (virtual or physical) and we will fine-tune your sleep plan together.

You will then have everything to go ahead!

I will be by your side for up to 3-4 weeks (through up to 8 follow-up calls and sleep-log analysis depending on the package you go for) to implement new healthy sleep habits.

Those weeks will be necessary to build the grounds of new sleep habits.

Once we wrap-up the coaching together, you will be continuing independently throughout the whole childhood of your children.

While we will be sleep coaching your child, you will also be more aware and informed on sleep science, on the impact on your children, and most importantly, you will feel more confident and know how to adapt to your family.

And of course, if in the future a question or a doubt occurs ? I’m here!

Are you ready to go back to happy bedtimes and nights? Reach out!

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