I'm Pauline Saint-Čabrada and I'm the happy mother of 2 children who enjoy restful naps and now sleep through the night.

But it wasn't always like this.

As new parents, we discovered that "sleeping like a baby " wasn't our reality.

When my daughter was born I had no idea sleep coaches existed. So I read everything I could on children's sleep and applied what I had learned to her. Thankfully it worked. So when my second child was born, I thought that in a matter of weeks the whole family would be getting a good night's sleep. Was I in for a surprise!

certified gentle sleep coach Pauline Saint-Čabrada

None of the techniques that had worked so well on my daughter worked on my son.

I then understood first-hand what it was like to struggle with sleep issues with your child. My family experienced many sleepless days and nights during this period. We were a stressed and overtired family.

Eventually in desperation we called a certified gentle sleep coach. In a matter of only a few days, our son had settled into a great sleep routine. It was like a miracle!

Thankfully we now know and appreciate what a rested child and family is. And that's a wonderful gift for any family.

After coming through this experience I decided to become a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach® to help other children and parents get back to a well-rested life.

If my family's story sounds like your current situation, please contact me so we can figure out a personalized approach to help your tired family. Certified Gentle Sleep Coach