How to handle vacations and your children’s sleep?

How to handle vacations and your children’s sleep?

Summer break is almost here and some of you might leave for a few days or weeks or take some days off.

❓What about sleep when our schedule is more relaxed or we’re not home?

That’s quite simple actually!

👍🏻Try, as much as possible, to reproduce the routine and schedule you follow at home, in the same order. Don’t forget our children rely on predictability and even if they’re on vacation, they still need the same amount of sleep.

👍🏻Bring their lovey, books they love, your white noise machine if you use one, their training clock, some portable blackout curtains if needed, etc.

👍🏻The idea is, even in a different environment, reproducing what they are used to, it will comfort and reassure them, ensuring good and restful nights and naps!☺️

Then, life happens, so try to keep your schedule and routine at least 80% of the time, so when you’re back home, it’s easy to get back on track!

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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